Tips from Al

  • Barbequing

    When barbequing, don't turn the food all the time- it won't cook in the air.

  • Braising

    When braising, place the covered braising pan on the stove for a few mins to get the cooking process started, before putting it in the oven

  • Buying crayfish

    Never buy dead, uncooked crayfish- or any crustaceans for that matter, they deteriorate extremely quickly.

  • Carrying a fish

    Never let a fish bend. This tends to split the fillets. Support the middle when placing down on a flat surface.

  • Catch and release

    When handling a fish you intend to put back, try not to touch the fish directly (use a sea water soaked towel).

  • Cooking meat and Fish

    Always bring meat and fish up to room temperature before cooking it

  • Cooking pasta

    With pasta, don't run it under cold water when it's cooked. Strain it through a colander, put it on a tray to cool, and coat in olive oil

  • Cooking with saffron

    When cooking with saffron, roast it in a pan for a minute before crumbling it into the soaking water

  • Filleting Fish

    Use a sharp knife when filleting fish- no excuses, it's not negotiable.

  • Fishing in the wild

    Take only what you need.

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