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Al Brown 05
Al Brown 05

To Al, 'A Great Catch' sums up everything he feels about his approach to food, cooking and people....

Hooking in to local knowledge - Getting to know people, listening to their stories and opinions and passing on advice.

Fishing responsibly - Only taking what you need from nature, appreciating the people who share their stories and their pieces of the world with you, and passing on information that makes people think about the relationship between food and their environment.

Showing not telling - Great fishermen don't brag about their talent with a rod and reel, they hold up the kahawai they caught and invite you round for dinner.

Reeling them in - The thrill of delight and surprise when what people see, taste, hear etc turns out to be better than they might have hoped for.

Sharing the catch - at the end of the day, sharing food, trading stories and having a laugh with good people is what it's all about.

The basics

  • Less is usually more.
  • Don't take yourself or your food too seriously.
  • The fundamentals of cooking are the most important.
  • Life is more important out of the kitchen.
  • Salt, pepper, sugar, acidity, texture!
  • Surround yourself with enthusiastic talented people, you can't do it all yourself.
  • Keep it simple.

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